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Our products are available for purchase online from www.INDULGENCES.STORE and can be shipped domestically and Internationally.

You may use the tracking # from your confirmation email and go to www.fedex.com/us/track/ to track your package.

When your order says processing, it means your order has been received and is in process of being fulfilled at our facilities.

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Product related questions

Online or in a store, the halo acts as a way-finder to identify natural, clean label products without added sugar.  Virtually all our products are low glycemic too so if you follow Madkins, Atkins, Keto, Paleo our Fat Burning chevron does most of the work. If you are like many folks and wanting to eat more plant-based foods, then you’ll find our Plant Burning chevron invaluable.  Wherever you are, whatever your tribe, our halo makes eating healthy simple.

Doing things the right way the first time, means there is no lingering doubt.  No unnecessary ingredients or additives.  Best quality nutrition, delectable flavor profiles and unexpected social spiritual and health benefits.  We run this company the same way we run our lives, guilt-free and completely Indulgent. 

KETO POWERED is a proprietary term for food/food combinations that have been investigated studied and found to tap into and ignite existing fat reserves for energy, as followed by many successful long term eating plans.  This flag is a symbol to identify high quality foods at a glance, for consumers who want to know exactly what they’re eating. 

Plant Powered products, specifically combined for maximum metabolization and clean fuel for energy as found in studies by..

Referring to the metabolic state of ketosis, when the body switches its fuel supply to run mostly on fat, burning fat 24/7.  When insulin levels become very low, fat burning can increase dramatically.  it becomes easier to access your fat stores to burn them off, decrease hunger spikes and maintain energy levels and endurance.

A dietary approach that minimizes carbohydrates from sugary foods, pastas and breads in lieu of a plant based diet with protein, natural fats and vegetables.  Low carbohydrate lifestyles result in weight loss and improved health markers.

Weight loss and management diet program based upon a very low carbohydrate eating plan.

Serving suggestions – Indulgences guilt-free hot beverages are formulated to create a decadent 8 oz serving.  Simply add the superfood mixture to your cup, add just enough boiling hot water or preferred milk to make a smooth paste.  Then fill to your liking, more liquid for a less concentrated drink, less liquid for a stronger drink.  At Indulgences it’s all about how you like it.  Make it extremely nutritious and portable with your preferred milks to give yourself and your loved ones the ultimate in nutrition.

It is so much more than just a drink mix.  That’s really just the start.  Mix it up! Play with your food! Add these products to your cereals, baked goods??, puddings, and modify your daily hot coffee/tea routine.  use the powders as a condiment for snacks.  Toast nuts and toss to coat in the cocoa powder.  Play with your food and then tell us all about it!

Anything you like.  They are perfect to have a snack with.  But we at indulgences have used them not just as hot drinks, cold drinks and pick-me-ups, we also use them as a meal replacement at times.  This was not intended, it just happened that way and is becoming common around here.  When you get what your body needs, you just get less hungry and notice that you feel different. Better. 

We use real heavy cream in some of our drinks, we use real everything.  No room for garbage in these products.  While the luxurious taste and texture of these beverages is decadent, the nutrient benefits are not.  The texture of this product can be adjusted per individual preferences.  Simply add more hot water, or less.  You can also add your favorite “milks” as preferred.  These drinks will not taste or feel exactly like the junk-food dairy version, because they are not junk-food dairy products.

pH balance is a health indicator.  An acidic (high sugar) pH encourages and hosts bacterial growth and cancer turnover.  An alkaline pH inhibits and prevents harmful bacterial, yeast and cancerous development.

Here at Indulgences we use only the finest ingredients we can find.  We have gone to “all ends of the earth” to procure and acquire the purest most beneficial ingredients to fabricate/create/develop these flavor profiles.

The interaction or cooperation of two or more substances or agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of the separate effects.

Superfoods are nutritiously dense foods that can be used in many ways.  Factory farming and subsidies have meant that our markets are dominated with corn and wheat and soy products.  While superfoods are revered for their nutritional density and health attributes, they are less marketed and have been less available to consumers.  This is because sourcing and producing optimal products is not easy, cost effective or lucrative.  Our goal at Halo Healthy Brands and Indulgences, is to live the most decadent guilt-free life.

We at HHB/Indulgences care about our relationships.  We hold them in the highest esteem and we have selected the finest people we can, to build these relationships with.  At all times we are considering how we can universally improve our experience as a provider, and yours as the recipient of our intentions.

Our answer is YES! And you should!  But we want your health to thrive and too much of anything new can become a problem. Anyone looking to make significant changes in lifestyle and habits should consult a professional.

A survey conducted by the National Weight Control Registry (study of successful weight loss maintainers) revealed that over 50% of all respondents stated that they regularly consume low-calorie beverages, 78% of whom felt that doing so helped control their calorie intact.


Consumers with diabetes or other chronic health disturbances, should consult their healthcare professional, certified diabetes educator or registered dietician for advise on healthy eating and blood sugar control.