Hello!  We are so happy to be partnering with Indulgences.store on their launch.  If this is your first time seeing our “halo” circling a food product, let us tell you a little about it and why our halo is an important innovation.  The halo was born of my experience as a single dad.  In 2013 I changed my diet – cutting out sugar, refined grains, and seed oils while adding back lots of healthy greens – a fat burning or ketogenic diet as is the fashionable term these days. I wasn’t trying to lose weight so I didn’t do any calorie restriction, but all my metabolic markers improved dramatically over just a few months. Call it my own clinical study with a sample size of one! As a single father, one of my motivations was to be healthy for my kids but also to teach them healthy habits. Trips to the grocery store were both confusing and time consuming- there just weren’t many low carb products and those that existed were nearly impossible to find. 

That was the genesis of Halo Healthy Tribes. Online or in a store, our halo acts as a way-finder for you to easily identify natural, clean label products without added sugar.  We aren’t about dieting and our foods aren’t necessarily low calorie.  Halo Healthy Tribes is about helping you to find the products that fit your desired way of life. If you want low carb, low glycemic products our Ketone Powered chevron does most of the work. If you are like many folks and wanting to eat more plant-based foods, then you’ll find our Plant Powered chevron invaluable.


Welcome to the Halo Healthy Tribe!

-Halo Healthy Dad

Halo Healthy Dad